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Can we help? Interested in Open water swimming - English Channel swimming - swimmig in a Wet Suit - open water endurance rowing - unorthodox Channel crossings - How to book a pilot and escort vessel - triathlons and training hints? See the "General Info" and other links on the left hand side of this page for more information.

For English Channel Wet Suit swims you can now register with the CS&PS - Channel Swimming & Piloting Services. csps.office@btinternet.co.uk

Below is a live connection to our "Marine Traffic" web site page that allows you to see the Vessels that are working in the English Channel and the active Channel escort vessels that are at sea. Clicking on the escort vessel icon on the screen will give you access to its information and latest course track history. You can move the screen area by pressing and holding the mouse button down while moving the mouse.

The registered CS&PS / CS&PF escort vessels are: Gallivant - Sea Satin - Westwinds - Optomist - Seafarer ll - Anastasia - Suva - Pace Arrow - Mighty Mo - Johnmary Rose - Deep 6 Two - Bayblast.

Additional registered Channel escort vessels: Viking Princess, Louise Jane, Pathfinder, Sea Lepard, Connemara, Masterpiece, Rowena,

English Channel Unorthodox crossings are now subject to the French Authorities new law passed in June 2013 - Rrule 28. This law is on the internet but only in French. See the link to "Unorthodox Crossings" in the selection boxes on the left hand side of this page.

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The escort vessels listed on the " Escort Vessels" page are all commercially certificated to the MCA and EU required standards to operate as Channel Escort pilot vessels. The skippers are all qualifed and commercially registered for the areas of operation they work in. The pilots (often the commercial skippers) all have a good working knowledge of escorting swimmers and other sporting activities in the English Channel. Ou crews are certificated and experianced in the operations and escort work undertaken. Included on this site is the information of the other pilots and escort boats that work within the CS&PS recognition system.

The escort vessels, skippers / pilots are all registered with both the British and French authorities anually.

. See the "Pilots and Escort Boats" links on the left side.

If you want to cross the English Channel by "other methods" such as rowing or canoeing/ kayaking etc and need a registered escort pilot, boat and crew to assist you. - See the "General Info" and "Unorthodox Crossing" pages key in the panel on the left hand side of this page.


-Click here - Link to "standard information pack"

This is the basic information pack to help you if you are searching for informatiojn on English Channel Swimming. It's free for everyone to look at. Please read and understand it's contents BEFORE booking a pilot or applying to swim.

The first thing to do is contact us (see "Escort Boats") to find out our availability and organise a swim/ crossing place. Be aware that our pilots are taking bookings for years in advance.