Michael & Angela Oram have been involved in  English Channel swimming since 1982.
This was when we met Ray & Audrey Scott of CSA fame and started piloting for the original 
Channel Swimming Association. Both Michael and Angela piloted swimmers from the 1982 
season onwards an Michael became a committee member at the end of that year, Angela joined 
the committee a couple of years later assisting Audrey with the administration and the office work. 

In 1991 they both stepped in to become the  CSA Hon Sec and assistant Hon Sec, a position 
which they held until the end of 1996. From 1991 to November 1996 they, sorted and , 
computerised the filing system, updated the rules and re-organised the  CSA office which promoted
English Channel Swimming and the sport enjoyed a period of rapid growth.   

There son Lance Oram was a crew member from a early age and became a registered pilot in his 
own right in 1992. He has been piloting Channel crossings ever since and is  an active member of 
the CS&PF committee. The CSA went through a period of management change in 1996/97 with the
new committee dissolving the old Association and forming a new CSA limited company.

In 1998 they started negotiating with the British and French Coastguard's to form a new  organisations 
-- the  "Channel swimming & Piloting Federation". 
It took 2 years of hard work to form the new organisation and assemble a team of like minded people 
to run it. the progress was slow and hard through the debates and negotiations for official recognition 
of the CS&PF by the British and French authorities and the major sporting bodies calimitising with the 
official inauguration of the CS&PF in November 1999. 
The first swim season was in the year 2000 - 
Since then the Federation has grown in leaps and  bounds year by year. The CS&PF now has official
recognition as the Governing Body of English Channel swimming and is by far the biggest organisation 
involved in English Channel swimming. It is now respected world wise as one of the major players in 
open water swimming management worldwide.

Michael Oram Age 69 - Principal & Senior Instructor of Dover Sea School Escort pilot for Channel swimming & other forms of accepted unorthodox crossings and Channel crossings. Escort pilot for Adventure Gig open water rows;

RYA/DoT Yachtmaster with commercial endorsement
RYA instructor for motor cruisers & powerboats
RYA/DoT powerboat examiner
RYA Theory, GMDSS, Radar, First Aid & Diesel instructor
Delivery skipper power & sail,
Marine consultant, diesel engineer & Electronics installation engineer
Proprietor of Pedro Boats UK, Dover Sea School & Seacraft
President. Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS&PF)
I have been teaching people how to handle boats for the past 50 plus years and have been the 
Principal of Dover Sea School for 30 plus years. Angela, my wife, Lance our son and I also run 
Seacraft andPedro Boats UK. We are based at Ramsgate Harbour where we have the Sea 
School and harbour workshop. Our business is skipper charter, workshops/engineering and a 
boat delivery businesses's that caters for the needs of the boating community. 
In 1999 we formed the Channel Swimming & Piloting federation CS&PF - now a Governing 
Body of English Channel swimming the biggest of the English Channel Swimming organisations. 
From 2000 through to 2011 angela and i were the Federations Hon Sec's. I was then Hon 
Chairman and as of the March 2016 I became the CS&PF President. 
 I have been escorting cross Channel swimmers and other unusual crossings since 1982, 
personally accompanying around 800 attempts. My successes include:
Trent Grimsley's world record solo English Channel swim 6 hours 55 minutes in 2011, 
Christoph Wandwatsch's world record solo swim in 2005 of 7 hours 3 minutes 52 seconds, 
Peter Stoychev's New World record swim of 6 hours 57 minutes and 50 seconds in 2007. 
Yvetta Hlavacova's fastest crossing of a woman 7 hours 25 min's 15 secs in 2006, 
two 3 way swims -- (Phil Rush & Alison Streeter), 
Oldest man and Oldest woman records, 
a 4 way relay swim --(Des Renford's Australian team) 
The Royal Air force Belgium to England relay, and many others. 
My swim record to date (2016 is about 800+ crossings with about a 75% success rate. 
I have done the greatest number of crossing by any pilot involved in Channel swimming to date. 
In 2005 I had the honour of being inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame 
(IMSHOF) in recognition of my success encouraging and piloting swimmers across the English 
Channel and my work on the administrative side of Channel swimming.
 I have escorted various Channel Crossing rowing attempts, amphibious cars, paddle board 
crossings, wind surfers, jetskies, microlights etc. Our vessels and pilots are registered with both 
the French and English Coastguard. I write articles and training supplements for various parties 
including Motor Boats Monthly magazine and our sea school & the CS&PF. Angela and I have been 
delivering craft all over Europe for 40 years and have a wealth of experience to call on. 
Angela Oram .Behind every man is a good woman, my wife Angela is mine. She runs the office 
- runs me - tries to keep me and the team organised and looks after the sea school/office/swimmers
and house. She is a keen boating person, a qualified nursing sister and a good cook. When time and 
business allow her to she has crewed with me on many of our swims, deliveries and crossings. 
She knows more about everything than I do and is usually the person you ask when you want to know facts.
Lance Oram Age 42 - Management & Chief Powerboat Instructor at Dover Sea School
RYA/DoT Yachtmaster with commercial endorsement.
RYA instructor for motor cruisers
RYA instructor for powerboats (advanced)
RYA trainer for powerboat instructors
RYA examiner
RYA instructor for personal watercraft
RYA theory courses & GMDSS (VHF) instructor.
Escort pilot for Channel swimming & other Channel crossings.
Member of Ramsgate lifeboat crew.
Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation committee member
Diesel engineer & Electronics installation engineer
Lance has been playing with boats in his own right since the age of 7 and is a motorcruiser, 
advanced powerboat and a personal watercraft instructor/trainer/examiner. He is an active member 
of Ramsgate and Dover lifeboat crews and has been awarded the RNLI vellum for bravery. He is a 
keen sailor, racing weekends with Royal Temple Yacht Club. Lance has been escorting cross Channel 
swimmers and other types of crossings for 23 plus years with over 500 escorts to his name plus many
 more as crew. He is a registered Channel escort pilot who is well known and in popular demand. 
He has a around a 77% success rate with his escorted crossing to date. He is a delivery skipper and 
has delivered craft all over Europe.